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Resources for Churches

Annual Meetings

Annual meetings are a time for church members to gather, celebrate the congregation’s life, conduct the official business of the church, and make decisions that affect their common life together. One way to organize the meeting is to separate it into three segments:

  1. Stating our purpose together as a congregation
  2. Celebrating the life we have had together in the past year
  3. Looking ahead to how God is leading us into the future.

Annual Meeting Checklist

  • Annual reports to congregation
  • Mission support pledge to Oregon Synod
  • Parochial reports to ELCA
  • Elect Oregon Synod Assembly voting representatives
  • Updating your constitution (every three years – last update 2022)

The ELCA Constitution for Congregations states that the powers of the congregation are vested in the congregational meeting called and conducted as provided in this constitution and bylaws. (C5.02.) Congregations hold annual meetings at a time specified in their bylaws.

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