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Resources for Churches

Care & Compensation 2022

Each year the Oregon Synod produces Care and Compensation guidelines for rostered ministers (pastors and deacons). These are designed to help you with conversations about compensation for the coming year. 

The Covenant of Care form is designed to help us all—pastors, deacons, congregations and synod staff—focus on mutual opportunities and support. Missional capacity and effectiveness are greatly increased as we commit to common goals in an environment of mutuality and intentional planning.

Please complete both portions and return a copy to the synod office. We would love to see how you are committing to following the Way of Christ in a mutual, caring way! 

To make the care and compensation materials more user-friendly, this year we are offering the minister’s compensation worksheet in either a fillable PDF or Excel worksheet.

Curious about the difference between pastors and deacons? Click here

Mission Support Plans

Send in your pledges as soon as you complete your budget (or before the end of February).  They are available in fillable PDFs in English and Spanish or as a google form.  Links below.


Transition Manual

The Oregon Synod Transition Manual 2021 is designed to help congregations move into God’s future for them and provide the necessary steps and resources for the intentional transition work as well as the call process. The office of the bishop and the congregation will work closely together toward the goal of clarifying the missional direction and finding the right pastor, deacon, or synod authorized lay minister who can participate with you in the mission to which the Spirit is calling you. 

2022 Annual Congregational Meeting Resources

Virtual Meetings

Parochial Reports

If you need your congregational ID and/or password, contact Jemae at the synod office

Church Council

Council officers job descriptions

Online Giving Resources

Internal Church Directory

For use by rostered leaders and church staff.  Login credentials are emailed individually by CRTN.  Login page.

Pulpit Supply

Music copyrights

Music copyright is something we have to think about more now that we are doing more online services and events. There is no permission needed and no fee needs to be paid in order to sing in church. But copyright issues can arise when churches reproduce song lyrics or record their services. Uses beyond the actual performance in worship require further licensing (including podcast, streaming, live viewing on YouTube or your website, etc). We have a created a guide to help your church think through music copyright issues.

2021 Music Copyright Information

Clergy retirement and separation

Retiring in the Oregon Synod

Separation Ethics in the Oregon Synod

Boy Scouts of America Misconduct & Bankruptcy

On February 18, 2020, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection largely resulting from legal action representing approximately 70,00 individuals claiming abuse and sexual misconduct.  Your congregation’s decision to continue or end its relationship with the BSA should be made with the protection and well-being of children as the primary focus. As you make decisions about your congregation’s association with the BSA (if any), please be aware that the congregation could be sued for anything that happens in the troop. In addition, as a result of the bankruptcy, the congregation cannot confidently rely on the BSA, the local council, or their insurers to defend it. The congregation needs to make sure that it has sufficient insurance. Please read this statement from ELCA Legal Council Tom Cunniff for more important information about this relationship with the BSA.