Stir Up Your Power, O Lord, and Come – AGAIN AND AGAIN!

Fourth Sunday in Advent 2018

Now we’re getting close! We are pregnant with hope. Mary and Elizabeth are pregnant with holiness. The story takes us back, pre-birth, to a place of expectation and promise.

But don’t you see. This is what Advent has been about all along. Christians are people of a proclamation, […]

Stir Up the Wills of Your Faithful People, O Lord and Come!

Third Sunday in Advent 2018

“What shall we do?!”

This is a somewhat panicked response to John the Baptist’s warning about the wrath to come. And we see it, don’t we? We see the demise of sanity. We see the selfishness, the walls going up, compassion lost, fear, hatred and abuse on the rise. What […]

Byberg Preaching Workshop 2019

Join us January 21-23, 2019 in Seaside, OR for Spreading Manure in the Sanctuary: Preaching to Enliven Faith.

Taking our cue from the Gospel for the 3rd Sunday in Lent (Luke 13:1-9), we will borrow Jesus’ metaphor of digging around the fig tree and putting down manure to discern how our preaching can enliven […]

Stir Up Our Hearts, O Lord, and Come!

Second Sunday in Advent 2018

The voice of John the Baptist crying out in the wilderness “Prepare the Way of the Lord!” is so familiar to long time people of faith that we sometimes think John is foretelling Christmas.

He is not.

John is a voice from the margins, somebody from the outside of power speaking […]

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