2023 Assembly

2023 Assembly focused on sacred encounter: engaging God, self, neighbor and the biosphere, not as object to control or profit from, but as Life, full of dignity and worthy of reverence, love and wonder. This is our first step toward becoming communion in our communities and strengthening this wild web of relationship for the sake of the life of God’s beloved world.

“I do not call you servants…but I have called you friends.” – John 15:15

Pictures from 2022 Assembly in Sunriver!

2024 assembly will be online after the resolution Type of Assembly Meetings was passed at our 2022 assembly.

Our next in-person Assembly will be in Portland in 2025.

What is Synod Assembly?

The Synod Assembly—made up of voting members from all synod congregations—is the governing body of the Oregon Synod. Through a democratic voting process the Synod Assembly establishes synod ministry priorities, approves the synod budget, and elects members to synod positions. This annual gathering of clergy and lay people represents the synod’s highest legislative authority.

The Assembly

  • receives information and reports
  • elects nominees to leadership positions in the church
  • reaches decisions on matters brought before the Assembly
  • votes on proposed memorials and resolutions
  • sets priorities for the synod’s ministry
  • equips and educates those who attend to interpret the mission of the synod in local ministry settings
  • celebrates the community that is the Oregon Synod through development of relationships and worship