Wildfire Resolution

At the 2021 Oregon Synod Assembly, your voting members passed this resolution focused on the devastating statewide wildfires of last year (the impacts of which continue today).

The 2020 Wildfire Resolution included:
  • An invitation to congregations to set aside one Sunday in September in 2021 to mark as Wildfire Recognition Sunday, with prayers and hymns and readings offered.
  • A thank you to leaders across the state who have been weaving a web of relationships in disaster relief and preparedness, and to all the generous donors who helped the Oregon Synod give away $26,500 directly to helping organizations throughout Oregon.
  • An invitation to congregations to consider taking an offering specifically for wildfire relief in the state.

As part of the actions in this resolution, appreciation was expressed at Assembly to the Oregon Synod Disaster Preparedness and Response Team (Jan Wierima, Charlene Larsen, and John Core) and Bishop Laurie for their unwavering and faithful leadership over the last year.

Synod VP Greg Shea and Synod Council recently fulfilled another action by sending a thank you letter to ELCA Lutheran Disaster Response Director John Pyron and Assistant Director Rev. Joseph Chu for their faithful accompaniment of those serving Oregon wildfire survivors.

Wildfire Sunday Resources

Resource book for the Wildfire Recognition Service, which includes prayers, poems, scripture and songs to be used by churches and other groups to remember, lament and pray for Earth and its inhabitants shattered by the wildfires of 2020; as well as all those already impacted this year.