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Oregon Synod Disaster & Climate Resilience

The Oregon Synod Disaster Response Initiative (OSDRI) is a project funded through a grant from Lutheran Disaster Response that is leading the work to help Oregon Synod Congregations and the Oregon Synod Office to be better prepared to meet the challenges that will come with natural and man-made disasters. From the Cascadia subduction zone earthquake, to wildfires, pandemics, and flooding every person and ministry in the synod has the opportunity to help themselves, their family and friends, church, and community to be more engaged and make plans that will reduce suffering and the social, economic, and spiritual impacts that these disasters can have.

The multi-denominational work of the OSDRI starts in two areas:

  1. Formation and support of the Oregon Synod Disaster Response Network: a collection of congregations trained by the OSDRI leaders on how to prepare for a disaster and by doing so put congregational vitality practices at the center of this work, maximizing congregational outreach and engagement with local communities, emergency managers, and others in their unique place-based context, focusing especially on the most vulnerable.
  2. Formation and guiding of the synod Disaster Response Core Team (DRCT): a team of members from across the synod that meets quarterly to provide oversight of the initiative and who are tasked with creating a Synod Disaster Response Plan that will be executed by the Oregon Synod office in case of emergency.

Please email Director of Disaster & Climate Resilience Sarah Loose to learn more about how the team can help you, your congregation, and your community create plans and ministry to be ready for disasters.