COVID-19 Resources

Oregon Synod Resources

Reopening Congregations and Ministries in COVID-19: Oregon Synod Transitions Manual 2021

Advanced Planning: Watch this one-hour webinar with Gretchen Brauer-Rieke, RN, MSN, advance planning facilitator with CodaConversations.com. This webinar walks you through three decision points which might be encountered by those who contract this disease and the art of considering important medical decisions before they arrive, allowing individuals and their families to be prepared in the case of difficult illnesses. This presentation be of use to individuals and their families, counselors, pastors, priests, rabbis or any who might accompany those faced with difficult choices around treatment of COVID-19. Email Gretchen.

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ELCA Resources

The ELCA has developed resources that offer guidance for ministering to and engaging with each other, and within our communities, as the body of Christ. Including:

Care-filled Worship and Sacramental Life in a Lingering Pandemic” (updated 6/8/2021): Protocols for worship during the COVID-19 pandemic as commended by an ecumenical consultation.

Resources for Returning to In-Person Worship: considerations for being church together during the COVID-19 pandemic. | Spanish

Resources for Worship in the Home: a weekly blog series with readings, prayers and reflections for worship at home.

Worship in Times of Public Health Concerns: COVID-19/Coronavirus: considerations for building church community and participating in worship when we cannot gather in person. | Spanish

Prayers for Times of Public Health Concern: COVID-19/Coronavirus: prayer suggestions that can be adapted for use in your local worship context. | Spanish

How to Stream Your Worship Service: a starter guide for online streaming of your congregation’s worship service or other events. | Spanish

Intercessory Prayers in the Midst of the Spread of COVID-19: a prayer resource offered by the Lutheran World Federation. | Spanish

Guidance for Funeral Practices: a resource for ministering to the bereaved during a public health crisis. | Spanish

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