RACIAL JUSTICE2022-03-02T12:02:01-08:00

All people are God’s beloveds and to be able to see that we need to help center the experiences of those who’ve been marginalized and silenced for eons.  Racism and white supremacy are sins and they aren’t simply about individuals, it’s about systems and institutions which consistently privilege one race above all others. None of this work toward justice, peace, and transformation, which is God’s work, will be easy.

The Oregon Synod respectfully acknowledges that our Portland offices are on the ancestral homeland of the Chinook, Cowlitz and Clackamas nations. In 1851, 19 local tribes signed treaties with the federal government in good faith, but Congress ratified none of them. We further acknowledge that the churches within the Oregon Synod are on the ancestral homeland of at least 27 native tribes. We offer our respect and gratitude to the people who were the original stewards of this land.