Queer Enough

Queer Enough, strives to create an accessible space where queer folks in the Portland metro area can come to connect, grow, and make meaning together, exploring spirituality and queerness. The Oregon Synod and the ELCA invest in this ministry as a means of healing and repair to address the harm and damage the church has caused queer folks through homophobia, exclusion, lack of affirmation and celebration, and queer-phobic theology and practice.

A brief history of Queer Enough

  • In 2016, The Flame emerged out of house meetings to serve as a worshiping community for queer people of faith and their allies. Their first pastor was mission developer, Rev. Leo Bancroft.
  • In 2017, Oregon Synod fellow, Murph Murphy organizing within their queer community discovered a common need: young queer leaders were burnt out of both activist and church spaces and needed a new kind of space where they could integrate the entirety of who they are and just be.
  • In 2020, leadership of The Flame passed to Rev. Matta Ghaly who accompanied the remaining community members to assess the vitality of this ministry. Pr. Matta also mentored then Oregon Fellow, Murph Murphy as they were igniting an emerging ministry, Queer Enough.
  • In 2021, the Flame merged with Queer Enough, a community of interfaith, inter-spiritual, LGBTQ+ people. Led by Murph Murphy as mission developer, they envisioned an accessible space where all queer folks could come together to explore spirituality and queerness.
  • In November of 2022, Chaune Schafer became Queer Enough’s new missional developer, organizer, and facilitator!

Chaune Schafer (she/him/they) recently earned their master’s degree in theological studies at ILIFF School of Theology examining how inclusive communities can support individuals on their journey of integrating spirituality and sexuality. Chaune loves mulling over, listening to, and sharing in the sacred mysteries and beauty of the universe through conversation, contemplation, and play. If you are curious or want to set up a one to one with Chaune, please send them an email.

“Through this last year of connecting with folks and listening to stories, it is evident that this space is still deeply needed in our communities. LGBTQIA+ folks are eager to connect with each other and explore the intersection of sexuality, spirituality, mental health, and just life in general. After a few years of isolation, many folks are seeking friendships and places where they can belong as fully and authentically themselves.” – Chaune

From the community:

I have spaces where I can be queer and I have spaces where I can explore my faith, but [until Queer Enough] I haven’t found groups where I can be a queer person navigating my faith. C.S.M.

Chaune Schafer, mission developer for Queer Enough shares:

Overall, the word “connected” comes up the most when talking about what Queer Enough means to folks (myself included). It meets a large need for LGBTQIA+ folks to know that they are not alone and gives folks a chance to share stories/experiences with one another.

Ways to Support Queer Enough

  • Share about Queer Enough with your community and let them know this group and support exists for LGBTQIA+ folks (18+)!
  • Reach out to Chaune to schedule a one-one to hear more about Queer Enough and explore ways for collaboration, mutual aid, and gatherings. More than anything, we seek accompaniment in this work knowing that more affirming and celebratory space for LGBTQIA+ folks is desperately needed.
  • Consider a one time or recurring donation to help Queer Enough host gatherings, continue connecting with folks, and share resources with the LGBTQIA+ community.

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