Clergy Appreciation Month!

Beloved Siblings in Christ,

One of the most meaningful parts of my job is getting out of the Bishop’s Office to be in the synod, accompanying you and your faith communities as you seek to live out the liberating Gospel of grace in your community.

Pastors, synod authorized lay leaders (SALMs) and deacons are present with us: celebrating our joyful moments, listening in our messy moments and comforting us in times of loss. They offer their love, support, prayer and guidance every day as we all walk the Way of Christ together.

Parish ministry, chaplaincy and campus ministry are callingsvocatiothat require long hours, thankless tasks and, at times, intense pressures. Your ministers serve you and your community by preparing weekly services, writing sermons, managing the maintenance, visiting the sick and dying, dealing with the financial obligations of the church and, most importantly, nurturing your spiritual well-beinghelping you grow more and more into your fullness as loving leaders and courageous followers of Christ.

This is a big job. It is not limited to the work week or typical work hours. The responsibilities can weigh heavy night and day. Since 2020, it has gotten even more difficult as most of our rostered leaders have worked many more hours than expected in order to learn new skills, experiment with new technology, and serve in numerous ways that have often been unseen, but have been critical to the wellbeing of the faith communities they serve.

October is Clergy Appreciation Month, an opportunity to let your pastors, deacons and SALMs know that you see them and their efforts on your behalf, that you recognize the important service they are providing to your community, that you are grateful for the many ways they have served and continue to serve the church and world during this time.

Our faith leaders are truly an inspiration to us all. They are role models of faith, hope, and love. They are dedicated to helping others and making the world a better place. I am so grateful for the service of our clergy. It is my honor to walk with them as we walk with Jesus into courageous love. Thank you, clergy, for all that you do.

In Christ’s Love,
Bishop Laurie