Statewide COVID-19 Freeze


I have extremely important news of which I want you to be aware. This week, Governor Brown and state health officials have announced statewide […]

Statewide COVID-19 Freeze2020-12-02T11:56:48-08:00

Let Love Be Genuine

Dear Ones in Christ,

I find myself praying for you with with my sighs, my steps, my search for sturdy touchstones like […]

Let Love Be Genuine2022-03-29T09:40:20-07:00

7-1-20 Reopening Update from Bishop Laurie

Hello Beloveds,

A few words on reopening as we see rates of confirmed cases and deaths rise again, and as Gov. Brown mandates masks in all public places […]

7-1-20 Reopening Update from Bishop Laurie2020-07-15T15:16:24-07:00

6-10-20 Metanoia Moment

There is hope when we remember
that we are all beloveds of God,
made in the divine image,
and that we are all called to metanoia work.


6-10-20 Metanoia Moment2020-07-15T15:16:41-07:00

6-2-20 Called to Justice

Dear Beloved of God,

Today is the Tuesday after Pentecost. And Spirit? She is swirling! Now, as then, we stand at […]

6-2-20 Called to Justice2020-07-15T15:16:47-07:00

5-28-20 Bishop Laurie on Delaying Reopening of Churches

Dear friends in Christ, 

As June approaches, it is time for us to check-in about in-person gatherings. The messages coming from our elected leaders can be contradictory and […]

5-28-20 Bishop Laurie on Delaying Reopening of Churches2020-07-15T15:16:52-07:00

3-17-20 Letter from Bishop Laurie

Lovers of Christ,

These are unprecedented times to be a spiritual leader. I have been holding you, your families, your congregations, and your communities in prayer, offering petitions and […]

3-17-20 Letter from Bishop Laurie2022-03-29T09:44:05-07:00

3-12-20 Bishop Laurie on COVID-19

March 12, 2020

Dear siblings in Christ’s liberating love,

God knows there is enough anxiety in the air in this intense and polarized election season when climate change is […]

3-12-20 Bishop Laurie on COVID-192022-03-29T09:44:25-07:00