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Spiritual and Theological Mutual Accompaniment

Spiritual and Theological Mutual Accompaniment (STMA), stewarded by the Oregon Synod, is now a communion of over 120 spiritual leaders from Oregon, California, and Washington, and twelve additional countries, including Latin America, Africa and Europe. These leaders are lay and clergy, theologians and community workers, all engaging their own margins and the margins of their communities on pathways of struggle, healing and liberation.

Ruah in Astoria: Peace First Trusting the Spirit during Uncertainty

In 2020, Peace First was born from the merger of First Lutheran and Peace Lutheran Churches as the result of a changing congregational landscape across the state. While a challenging journey, Peace First is learning to trust their newly formed muscle memory: there is opportunity in transformation and beauty in expanding community.

The Faithful Rebirth of a Village

We’ve all heard the saying “It takes a village to raise a child,” but when was the last time we seriously considered the implications of this for our faith communities and relationships? ReVillage, a ministry of the Storydwelling community in Bend, is doing just that. Storydwelling is a young faith community born out of a shared commitment to centering relationships and building community power for love and justice in the world, in partnership with the Oregon Synod of the ELCA and the United Methodist Church. In 2019, after Storydwelling community members began having children and struggling with costs of childcare, Storydwelling and [...]