Visitation Tools and Instructions

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It is great to have you and your congregations taking an active
role in our Oregon Synod Visitation and Congregational Assessment
Process! Remember, Katy Rustvold (our Project Director) is only

an email or a phone call away. We can do this!!

Katy Rustvold,  -  hotline, 503-413-2408

Congregational Assessment Tools:

If your congregation has take the Congregational Life Assessment Survey, or Vitality Survey, within that past two years please let Katy know. You do not need to take it again. You may take it again, though, if your choose. Some find it helpful to see how their congregation has changed from one year to the next.  

Here are your instructions (as available on the download.)

Oregon Synod Visitation Outreach - Assessment Tools Instructions

Congregations are being asked to complete the Congregational Vitality Survey and the Congregational Life Assessment.  These instructions are intended to help guide you through these.  Additional questions or concerns can be directed to or by phone at 503-413-2408.

Congregational Vitality Survey:

To obtain –

Contact Katy Rustvold at the email or phone number listed above and leave the following information:

1.       Name of the congregation

2.       City where congregation is located

3.       Estimated number of people who will take the survey (both online and on paper)

4.       Number of paper copies you will need

5.       Contact person for the congregation, including email & phone number

6.       When you plan to administer survey

We will order the survey on the day we receive this information.  You should then receive it at your location in 10-14 days.


To administer –

·         This survey will be completed by as many people connected to the congregation as possible – members (active and inactive, including youth), non-member worshiping guests, ministry stakeholders, financial stakeholders, etc.

·         Choose a one week span that includes two Sundays to have people complete this.  On the first Sunday make time for people to complete the survey during worship, and use the following Sunday to catch people who weren’t there.  Use the week between these days to seek out those who aren’t present for worship.  Make sure to publicize the survey as much as possible beforehand (see sample bulletin and email announcements)

·         The survey packet you receive will also include instructions for people to complete it online.  If people would prefer to use this method instead encourage and enable them to do so.

·         After the second Sunday mail the surveys back to the address provided with the packet.  Results will be available in approximately 14 days.


Congregational Life Assessment:


To obtain –

1.      This survey that can be downloaded HERE. Download and print for your use.


To administer –

·         This survey will be completed by a few key leaders in the congregations (typically the pastor, council president, treasurer, and/or property manager or committee)

·         Once complete mail a copy to the Synod Office– 2800 N. Vancouver Ave, Suite 101, Portland, OR 97227, Attn: Visitation Outreach, or email a pdf of the completed assessment to


Sample time line for completing assessment tools:

·         June 6th-9th – Receive Visitation Outreach letters and instructions from Synod Staff

·         June 6th-23rd – Follow instructions for obtaining both surveys

·         June Council Meeting – discuss assessment tools and strategize their completion

·         June 25th-July 9th – Publicize assessment tools to congregation and other stakeholders

·         July 9th & 16th – Administer Congregational Vitality Surveys during and around worship

·         July 17th – Mail completed surveys to address provided in packet