Resolutions 2018

Synod Assembly Resolutions & Memorials for 2018 Assembly

A Resolution is a petition, request, or statement of concern seeking adopted by our Synod. Memorials are proposed calls for action from the Oregon Synod to our national, ELCA Assembly. Any active member in good standing of an Oregon Synod congregation may submit a Resolution or Memorial. Generally, Resolutions and Memorials are crafted in concert with one’s congregation or cluster.

The deadline for submitting Resolutions or Memorials for the 2018 Synod Assembly is midnight, May 12, 2018. Submit Resolutions or Memorials to (Word format is preferred) or by mail to 2800 N Vancouver Ave, Ste 101, Portland, OR 97227. Information on writing a resolution is available below. 

Resolutions or Memorials received after the deadline, including during the Assembly itself, will not be considered by the Assembly unless the Reference and Counsel Committee or the Synod Council, by 2/3 majority vote, determines that the resolution is either 1) of overriding importance or, 2) addressing a previously accepted resolution. This practice is in accordance with our generally accepted rules for the organization of a Synod Assembly.

To submit a Resolution or Memorial, provide your signature, the name and location of your congregation and/or cluster, and the signature of your pastor or congregational president (this signature is requested to certify that you are a participating member of an ELCA congregation in the Oregon Synod, ELCA). If you have more than one Resolution or Memorial, please sign and submit them as separate documents.

Please remember that for 2018 we are having a one-day Assembly and time for business will be at a premium. We do want your active participate in the work of the Assembly. If, however, we receive more business than we are able to handle in the time allotted we may need to refer some Resolutions of Memorials to the Synod Council for action at a later date.

Resolutions or Memorials which have been accepted will be available for download below as they come in. To date we have the following (Pending approval of our Reference and Counsel Committee):


Instructions for writing Resolutions of Memorials


Please note the Memorial and Resolution already submitted (above) as examples of how to write a Resolution or Memorial.

  • Resolutions request an action of our Assembly and must be within the scope of the Assembly's authority. For example, the Assembly may "request" that congregations of the synod do something, but they cannot require them to do so. The Assembly can instruct the Synod Council to take certain actions, etc. f requests have a financial impact means for funding the request should be included. 
  • Memorials will include a motion for our Assembly to pass a legislative request on to the Churchwide Assembly for action. Requests made must be for actions within the scope of authority of the Churchwide Assembly body. If requests have a financial impact means for funding the request should be included. 

Both Resolutions and Memorials typically have a "Whereas" and "Therefore be it resolved" pattern.

  • "Whereas" Statements offer support or rational for a requested action. "Whereas Jesus taught us to love our neighbor." or "Whereas Portland receives 44 inches of rain annually as compared to the national average of 26 inches." are acceptable. "Whereas" Statements should be factual and not debatable. References for facts or scriptural quotations may be included. "Whereas everybody love to bicycle." is not an appropraite "Whereas" Statement as it is debatable. The Assembly should debate "Therefore be it resolved" Statements, but not "Whereas" Statements. Include enough "Whereas" Statements in your Resolution or Memorial to make your point or be illustrative. You are not writing a novel.
  • "Therefore be it resolved" Statements are those which call for specific action. "Therefore be it resolved that Oregon Synod congregations redouble their efforts to reach out the Youth." or "Therefore be it resolved that the Bishop and Synod Leaders speak to the need for elder care in the State where and as they find opportunity." These would be appropriate calls for action. "Therefore be it resolved that our Synod Council publish voter recommendations on upcoming state legislative races." would not be an appropriate statement as such an action would be a violation of the separation between Church and State.

Please call the synod office if you need help with a Resolution or Memorial. Staff is glad to offer general guidance. Once a Resolution or Memorial has been officially submitted you may be contacted by a member of our Oregon Synod Assembly Reference and Counsel Committee if changes or clarifications are needed.