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Worship Ideas

  • Livestream worship with only worship leaders in attendance if you are not gathering in person (how to here) (follow gathering guidelines)
  • Pre-record worship and share it on social media, your website and email.
  • Streamed or taped worship/devotions do not have to be professional quality video productions – simpler is better- keep it short and sweet.
  • You know what works best for your context – for some it may be recorded or live streamed worship, for others it may be phone calls or emails, or mailing out copies of worship materials

Sharing Worship

  • Invite your congregation to worship with another who has a broadcast in place – just let your church partner know in advance
  • Churches are joining forces, rotating meditation or devotions between different pastors each day


Eucharist at home with family in a time of crisis

Bishop Eaton’s letter on Holy Communion

Thoughts in favor of online communion from St Olaf Professor Deanna Thompson.

On-line Worship Resources


  • Meet with your finance committee/church council to make a plan of communicating the ongoing financial needs of doing ministry to your congregation. Establish safe (healthy) counting practices for counters (in addition to regular best practices). Some congregations that receive checks/cash on Sundays will need to communicate how/when folks can send to the church. Deposits are getting made how often? Bills still need to get paid. If you have not already, consider online giving! (Tithe.ly and Vanco are good options) Please reach out to the synod office if you need some guidance around altering the budget