Oregon Synod Endowment Board

Matching Money with Ministry & Mission

The synod Endowment Board has both grant and Mission Loan funds available to support ministry projects!


Since March 2020, churches have been dealing with an identity crisis – “Who are we, now that global pandemic changes have emerged? We use our space differently, we reach out differently, and we show our caring and connectiveness differently.”   Tell us about your congregation’s project,  and how it  is doing something completely new to be a source of God’s love in your community.  We may be able to help with a Creative Ministry grant or a Delk Grant. For Children & Youth projects, please use the Delk grant application. Application Deadline is August 15, 2020.

Creative Ministry Grants allow congregations to try new ministries. These grants are typically made toward new projects or where there is a program shift or growth opportunity. The application process is simple, and individual grants may be $350 to $1,500. Please don’t apply for more than one Creative Ministry request per congregation per year.

Cover Letter & Instructions, 2021, spring

Delk Grants are available for “outside our congregational box” child- or youth-focused projects. Grants are typically made toward new projects or where there is a program shift or growth opportunity.

Cover Letter & Instructions, 2021, spring

Mission Loan Fund

The Oregon Synod is pleased to make the Mission Loan Fund available to our congregations. Oregon has over $350,000 available for revolving and longer-term loans. Our goal with the revolving loan program is to make smaller loans easily and inexpensively available for our congregations’ use. If you have a larger loan need, contact the Synod Office. Some things to know:

  • Funding is available for congregational/agency needs and projects, such as building improvements or repair and equipment purchases or repair. Mission Loan Funds are not eligible for normal, on-going expenses (salaries, rent, etc.).
  • Please provide us with enough detail about your loan need that we can understand both your plans and your chances to handle the financial obligations that will arise. A few sentences are usually sufficient to answer questions about background and scope. Hard numbers regarding costs and support are excellent but estimates also work. We recognize that project numbers are not always fully known at the time of application.
  • Address the impact of the loan to your ministry as well as congregational/agency consent.
  • For loans up to $25,000, support your case with a few basic financial documents (list available).
  • For loans over $25,000, we require a deeper review of your finances. Contact the Endowment Chair or Treasurer for more details.

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Oregon Synod Endowment Board

The Oregon Synod Endowment Board is responsible for the management and distribution of endowed funds: Creative Ministry Grants, Delk Grants and Oregon Fund for Leaders scholarships (aka Allert funds). They provide congregation training (running of local endowments) and seminars (legacy giving). They work with the region 1 gift planner and donors within the synod.  They also administrate the Tea and Treasures dedicated fund, which is used for the retired rostered leaders gatherings.

Questions? Contact Lynn Ries, Oregon Synod Endowment Chair