On-line Worship Ideas & Resources2020-03-20T12:43:47-07:00

Here are some ideas & resources that have been generated regarding on-line worship.  Check out the list and email the office if you have more to add.

Worship Ideas

  • Livestream worship with only worship leaders in attendance if you are not gathering in person (how to here) (follow gathering guidelines)
  • Pre-record worship and share it on social media, your website and email.
  • Lead Bible Study, confirmation classes, and/or conversations via Zoom or Google Hangouts.
  • Send your families this resource from Milestones Ministry
  • Host a regular conference call (using Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc.) to check in.
  • Consider setting a common prayer time, so folks know they are praying together even if they aren’t gathered in person.
  • Send out daily devotions via email or text.
  • Create and mail a daily devotional for those isolated.
  • Create a phone tree for checking in with parishoners who are isolated and/or not connected online.
  • Divide up your church membership list among church leadership and call everyone to check in.
  • Ask a retired rostered minister to lend a hand in making pastoral phone calls.
  • Identify folks who need support re: grocery & supplies. Encourage sharing of supplies.
  • Send cards to those who are isolated and/or have hearing loss making even phone calls difficult
  • Send notes of thanks and care to people, especially workers on the front lines and local care facilities like nursing homes and hospitals.
  • Consider small group (no touch) outdoor gatherings: service projects, hikes, holy play time, wild church, etc.
  • For our nursing home/care facilities: offer a daily prayer or devotional time over the intercom system.
  • If you are healthy, volunteer with programs that provide critical services and need extra help at this time (ie. feeding programs, shelters, etc.)
  • Help your members consider other ways they can members support one another and the community.

On-line Worship Resources

  • Some have found wearing their clergy shirts in public to be a helpful way of connecting with folx in public who are anxious in these days
  • Connect with the partners who share your building – if they desire to continue meeting, help ensure they are able to meet the health department recommendations and your church’s plan. One congregation offered time on their Zoom account so the group coue keep meeting.
  • Meet with your finance committee/church council to make a plan of communicating the ongoing financial needs of doing ministry to your congregation. Establish safe (healthy) counting practices for counters (in addition to regular best practices). Some congregations that receive checks/cash on Sundays will need to communicate how/when folks can send to the church. Deposits are getting made how often? Bills still need to get paid. If you have not already, consider online giving! (Tithe.ly and Vanco are good soption) Please reach out to the synod office if you need some guidance around altering the budget
  • Be sure to take care of yourself: rest, get outdoors, laugh, pray, and know that you are not alone.