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Oregon Synod Pulpit Supply

Payment to Supply Pastors

Congregations should establish reasonable rates for the conducting of worship services (a sermon typically takes between 5-10 hours to prepare in addition to the time of delivery) AND travel expenses for supply pastors (miles, housing, and meals as appropriate). The payment of these expenses is the sole responsibility of the congregation and should be paid on the day of service. Congregations are encouraged to consider honorariums for adult education opportunities either connected to or separate from the supply of worship coverage. There are two options for pulpit supply:

1) Ministers of Word and Sacrament
The recommended rate of payment to supply pastors is $175-$225 for a worship service and $50 for each
additional service for the same day/location.

2) Minister of Word and Service/Retired or Specialized Ministry Pastor
You are also encouraged to also consider Ministers of Word and Service (Deacons) or others with homiletical training to preach. On these occasions, we suggest asking a retired pastor or a pastor in specialized ministry (hospice, chaplain, etc.) to preside for the Eucharist. We recommend $125-$175 for the preacher and $50-$100 for the pastor presiding for the Eucharist.

Agreement for Pulpit Supply

Current Pulpit Supply List – contact the office for password

Updated 11/18/22