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At our Synod assembly this year, May 10-12, 2019, we will elect a Bishop and Vice President. Our Oregon Synod constitution instructs that the Bishop is elected by ecclesiastical ballot—the first ballot serving as a nominating ballot. The ballot for Vice President shall have at least one name provided by the Synod Nominations Committee, but other names/nominations can be made from the floor.

Though the process may differ, both the election of a Bishop and a Vice President require discernment. Toward that end, your Synod Council appointed a Bishop Election Task Force to create resources for thinking through the needs of our Synod as they pertain to  these offices and for allowing names to surface of those willing to stand for election. You will find those resources on this web page. They can be used in a variety of settings. The members of the Task Force are also available as resources—feel free to contact us.

Please join us in prayer and thoughtful, caring conversation during these months leading to our Synod Assembly and these elections. May the Holy Spirit lead us and guide us.

Your Oregon Synod Bishop’s Election Task Force:

Conversation Resources

The Bishop Election Taskforce encourages thoughtful and biblically grounded discernment about the nomination process, both for Bishop and Vice President. The following is intended to be used in and adapted for a variety of settings: one-to-one conversation; congregational discussion group; cluster gathering; Bishop’s Convocation; or even at the Synod Assembly.

  1. First, review the Oregon Synod Ministry Site Profile.
  2. Second, read the Biblical Grounding.
  3. Finally, use the Questions for Reflection as a guide for conversation.

The three parts can be reviewed below, or download a printable PDF for physical distribution to a group.

Review Ministry
Site Profile

Download MSP
Pay particular attention to:
  • Part one
    • #5 – Synod Trends
  • Part two
    • #7 – Synod Purpose, Giftedness & Mission
    • #10 – Synod is Seeking Gifts for Ministry
    • #11 – Synod Expectations


Biblical Grounding
A story about following a leader in a time of uncertainty & taking risks: Matthew 14:22-33.

Questions for

Questions for Reflection
Click above to see the questions. They can be used in group or one-to-one settings.
Download Conversation Resources

Names for Consideration

Names for consideration may be submitted electronically by clicking on the links below. Please secure the permission of the person(s) being named and their willingness to serve. Persons being named must also complete a brief “bio” form (see below). If not initially submitted, the Bishop Election Taskforce will reach out to confirm willingness and ask them to fill out the bio. All pertinent forms will be released for discernment at a designated time before the May 10-12, 2019 Synod Assembly.


Names for Consideration Form
Bio Form

About the Positions & Process

Thanks for taking the time to explore the roles of Bishop and Vice President in the Oregon Synod of the ELCA. The key information regarding these roles is taken from the 2018 Oregon Synod Constitution.

Office of the Bishop
Office of Vice President
Election Process Details