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ELCA Resources

Many resources are available from the ELCA for guiding conversations and action.

Blessed for Tomorrow is one of the ecumenical Climate Care Coalitions the ELCA is dedicated to.

Other current work and partnerships are spelled out at the ELCA website.

The Caring for Creation: Vision, Hope and Justice social statement explains the ELCA’s teachings on ecology and the environment, grounded in a biblical vision of God’s intention for the healing and wholeness of creation.

Statewide – Oregon

Churches, non-profit organizations and State Governmental agencies are busy around our state seeking to aggressively address climate change issues.

The powerful vision of EcoFaith Recovery's Internship Cohort Opportunities

As we look ahead to 2019, EcoFaith Recovery Internship Coordinator Sarah Holst is building on the powerful legacy of previous EcoFaith internship coordinators Nathan Holst, Sara Gross Samuelson, and Dave Pritchett. Here she briefly describes EcoFaith Recovery's vision for facilitating healing in the world through leadership development of 30 young adult and seminary interns thus far and 5 more in 2019!

Posted by EcoFaith Recovery on Wednesday, December 26, 2018


The Oregon Synod is proud to be the home of EcoFaith Recovery, a dynamic, growing ministry of ecological awareness and advocacy. Through EcoFaith you will find community, spiritual practices and growth.

Many congregations of the ELCA are invested in climate action. A special shout out to St. Andrew Lutheran in Beaverton, OR which has just installed a new solar array.

Appreciation and notice as well to Peace Lutheran/St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Burns which January 3, 2019 celebrated their connection to the community biomass heating system. This system originates at Slater Elementary School and heats the school, the County Courthouse and jail, Symmetry Care.

Tell us your story!

Nationwide – The U.S.

Despite the fact that the U.S. is officially withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement, much is happening nationally that shows progress in fighting climate system change.

The 2018, legally mandated, fourth National Climate Assessment (NCA) is out and offers truthful, factual and helpful information. Findings and recommendations specific to the Pacific Northwest may be of special interest.


The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has always taken our God given role in Civic Advocacy seriously. Ruth Ivory-Moore is Director for Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility for the ELCA. We are blessed to have her.

Subscribe to the ELCA Advocacy Action Center for updates on all the issues this church speaks to.

Lutherans Restoring Creation is yet one more example of nationwide, climate issue engagement by this church. Check here for seminars, educational videos, news of events at our ELCA seminaries, and more.

Global Engagement

People of all faith traditions, cultures and communities around the world are pulling together, finding common cause for our home at risk.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America makes it a priority to engage in global conversations such as the Katowice Climate Change Conference held in Poland this past December of 2018.

The Lutheran World Federation engages directly in climate justice issues around the world through local church bodies. Lutherans also understand the inter-sectionality of issues such a climate change, immigration and environmental sustainability. In may ways and in many places we are present to accompany, learn from and work with people in need.

Lutheran Disaster Response is active both in the U.S. and around the globe to help people affected by both climate and violence related disasters. Read blogs, follow the news, make donations which will go 100% towards the cause you care about – and so much more – through the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and our global church partners.

We are proud to be in partnership with you for the benefit of all.