Hope Does Not Disappoint

New, creative ministries may involve partnerships with neighboring churches, joining in mission and ministry with nearby non-profits, or walking together into something else beautiful and entirely unexpected. Given our current situation, we all may have to transform more than we’d like. And in that, we may ultimately be blessed more than we expect.

Hope Does Not Disappoint2022-09-20T15:22:22-07:00

Omicron Update

Dear Beloved of Christ,

It’s been two weeks since our […]

Omicron Update2022-01-31T11:26:40-08:00

Hold Tight!

Dear Beloved of Christ,

Hold tight! Looks like we’re […]

Hold Tight!2022-01-31T11:27:34-08:00

Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan

September 1, 2021

Beloved of Christ,

You probably join me in feeling heartache watching the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan unfold. As evacuations have taken place, many Afghani families are […]

Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan2022-03-29T09:37:34-07:00

Statewide COVID-19 Freeze


I have extremely important news of which I want you to be aware. This week, Governor Brown and state health officials have announced statewide […]

Statewide COVID-19 Freeze2020-12-02T11:56:48-08:00