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What is it, you ask?

A chance for lay people, deacons, young adults, elders, pastors, and all others to come together around food and friendship, and to begin to discern God’s future for us.

A chance to reflect, sing and pray together, listening deeply for the movement of the Spirit in our church. And outside our church.

A chance to hear more about their vision and horizon for ministry.

A chance for them to hear more about YOUR vision and horizon for ministry.

A chance to laugh, listen, and share together, as equals.

A chance to encounter the new faces in the office of the Oregon Synod; newly elected bishop, Bishop Laurie Larson Caesar; newly elected Vice-President, Greg Shea; and recently appointed Bishop’s Associates Juan Carlos La Puente and Pastor Melissa Reed

Please Invite your friends, your pastor, your parents, anyone you know who cares about this world. Because we cannot visit every congregation, we will be inviting neighboring churches to convene together in one central location. If you live anywhere outside the Portland Metro Area, these events are for you (Portland area churches will be having a separate Whirlwind weekend- stay tuned)!. We will gather, pray, hear a few thoughts from synod leaders, and share our own thoughts and feelings about mission and vision in our contexts. Before you come, ask yourself:

What are the greatest challenges and wildest dreams we have for ourselves and our communities?

Here is the schedule:

Sunday, October 6: 2:00 pm start, First Lutheran, Astoria, Pr. Steve Kienberger, 725 33rd St.
Monday, October 7: 6:00 pm, New Life Lutheran, Florence, Pr. Rachel Simonson, 2100 Spruce St.
Tuesday, October 8: 6:30 pm, Ascension Lutheran, Medford, Pr. Doug Vold, 675 Black Oak Dr.
Wednesday, October 9: 6:30 pm, Emmaus Lutheran, Eugene, Pr. Rachel Langford, 1250 West 18th Ave.
Thursday, October 10: 6:30 pm, Nativity Lutheran, Bend, Pr. Chris Kramer, 60850 Brosterhaus Rd.
Saturday, October 12: 10:00 am, Ordination of Weston Walker, Grace and Mercy Lutheran, Hermiston

Saturday, October 12: 5:00 pm potluck at Peace Lutheran, Pendleton.

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