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How does liturgy shape us?  How might we shape it?  Gather with people from across the Oregon Synod to explore liturgy in daily life, communal worship, and public witness.  We’ll pay particular attention to the seasons of the church year, the flow of worship, the invitation of sacraments, and daily practices that help us cultivate a life of depth and meaning.  We’ll create space for the integration of blessing, celebration, lamentation, prayer, song, symbols, and ritual crafting.  You’re encouraged to bring your whole self as we seek to live in holy rhythm.

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What would I be committing to?

Active, authentic participation for eight weeks.  We’ll meet 90 minutes each Tuesday evening and be invited to engage in a brief activity between class sessions, but we also understand if there is a week or two when outside-of-class activities aren’t possible.

Class Sessions  on Zoom from 6:30-8pm (Pacific Time)

January 11, 18 , 25

February 1, 8, 15, 22

March 1

The SALM and Lay Education Program

The SALM and Lay Education Program is built on the foundational Lutheran value of an empowered and educated laity.  We are a “priesthood of all believers,” and the riches and responsibility of theological reflection and community building should be available to all.  The lay education portion of the program is an experiment within the Oregon Synod, designed to facilitate lifelong learning for lay leaders serving in a variety of roles and congregations.  We gather over Zoom; explore and learn together; and prioritize participation and relationship-building.

Supporting the Program

We rely on donations from congregations and people who believe in the importance of an educated and empowered laity.  At the same time, the synod does not want money to be a barrier to participation.  Course participants and/or their congregations are encouraged to donate, as they are able, on a sliding scale between $20-$160 per 8-week course.

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