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Mid Willamette Valley Latino Ministry

The Mid-Willamette Valley Latino Ministry of the ELCA Oregon Synod was created with the purpose of accompanying our Congregations through the process of discerning the possibility of developing Latino Ministries in their Churches.
This Ministry also aims to develop links between our Congregations and the Latino populations living in our neighborhoods by promoting social justice activities, sharing with them our cultural and religious richness and by embracing and recognizing their own.
As Lutheran Churches living the good news, we want to be sure that they are VALUED, LOVED and that EVERYBODY IS TRULY WELCOMED.

El Ministerio Latino de la zona centro del Valle Willamette del Sínodo de Oregón perteneciente a la IELA fue creado con el propósito de acompañar a nuestras congregaciones a través del proceso de discernir la posibilidad de desarrollar ministerios latinos en sus Iglesias.
Este Ministerio también pretende desarrollar lazos entre nuestras Congregaciones y la población latina que vive en sus vecindarios mediante la realización de actividades que promuevan la justicia social, compartiendo con ellos nuestra riqueza cultural y religiosa así como reconociendo y valorando la suya.
Como Iglesias Luteranas viviendo la buena nueva, queremos estar seguros que ellos sean AMADOS, VALORADOS y que todos verdaderamente son BIENVENIDOS.


This new community is being formed using the arts of community organizing. This comes out of a tradition of people coming to know their own stories, growing in relationship with one another through those stories, discerning how those relationships can be powerful together, and acting out of that power to make impact for the sake of the common good. Got that?

  • Story
  • Relationship
  • Power
  • Action

And in a community that dwells in the Spirit, that means we celebrate, study, pray, discern, grieve and eat together all along the way. We always start with belonging, but when we realize we belong to one another and to God, we also realize we belong to our neighbor, and they to us. Out of that new knowing, we boldly walk and act together toward a new reality.

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The Flame

The Flame is an LGBTQ and Ally faith community for healing. We are #queerchurch. We are a place where you can bring your whole self, including your doubts and frustrations with God or the church, including your joys and celebrations.

Sometimes we gather for informal worship with a focus on celebrating diversity and building relationships. Sometimes we do other things to get to know each other better, have fun, and strengthen our bonds of community.

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Church of the Living Waters

Church of the Living Waters is an ELCA congregation on the Paiute Reservation in Burns, Oregon, led by Pastor Matt Littau. In many ways, this church is like any other: they pray together, worship together, gather for meals together and sing together (their worship band won second place in the 2019 Harney County Fair Talent Show!). However, Church of the Living Waters also pays respect to the Paiute people and the land they gather on; opening prayers are led by a Paiute elder, preferably in the Paiute language.


Together Lab