Our Purpose, Our Mission

Accompaniment as global mission – why it matters (ELCA Global Mission in the Twenty-first Century, 1999)
  • Accompaniment is a walking together in Jesus Christ of two or more churches in companionship and in service in God’s mission.
  • Accompaniment is valued for its own sake as well as for its results. It is open-ended with no foregone conclusions. The companions learn together on the journey.
  • Accompaniment binds companions more closely to their Lord and further informs their mission.
  • A primary reality of accompaniment is the mutual respect of the companions. The conversation is no longer between a giver and a receiver but between two churches, each of which has gifts to give and to receive.
  • Accompaniment emphasizes relationship before resources. Development of programs and allocation of resources flow from how companions relate rather than vice versa.

Lutherans of the ELCA have been called to accompany the congregations and ministries of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Jordan and the Holy Land.

Today Holy Land Christians issue a cry to churches around the world. “Come and see. We will fulfill our role to make known to you the truth of our reality, receiving you as pilgrims coming to us to pray, carrying a message of peace, love and reconciliation.” *Kairos Palestine document, 2009

“I am grateful for the strong accompaniment relationship between the ELCA and the ELCJHL as well as your church’s long-standing strategy for engagement in Israel and Palestine. Please pray for the LWF and the ministry of the ELCJHL.” *The Rt. Rev. Munib Younan, President of the Lutheran World Federation and Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land, address to the ELCA Churchwide Assembly August 15, 2013

The partner congregations and ministries of the ELCJHL and Lutheran World Relief Jerusalem include six congregations providing numerous social services, four schools, a senior center, Augusta Victoria Hospital and mobile clinics, the Vocational Training Center of Jerusalem and Ramallah, the International Center of Bethlehem (with arts and communication education, performance and meeting space, guesthouse, restaurant), Mt of Olives housing project, etc.