Accompaniment in Hardship and Hope

5-Part Study Series

We of the ELCA have been called to practice global mission in accompaniment with the churches of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Jordan and the Holy Land. We are invited to walk with the contemporary Christian community in its journey from hardship to hope. To understand our accompaniment partners and their call, we listen, study, and learn about them in their context.

This series can be adapted for use in adult forums, traditional Lenten gatherings (midweek study and devotions), home study circles, and individual inquiry. Please note the importance of the session titles, which focus on hard histories, daily hardships, hard truths, responses to hardship, and moving beyond hardship to hope. Leaders do not need expertise on the issue.
 Studies are based on video segments in Steadfast Hope, a text produced by Presbyterians, revised by Episcopalians, and endorsed and recommended by the ELCA. Steadfast Hope, text with DVD, is available through Episcopal Peace Fellowship Palestine Israel Network by phone (312-922-8628); internet (; or mail (637 S Dearborn St, Chicago, IL 60605-1839). Price for 1- 9 copies is $10 each; 10-19 copies, $7 each; 20 or more copies, $5 each. Leader preparation involves reading (before each session) a segment of the text which reinforces the content of the DVD segment. The reading can help in guiding the discussion and serve as a reference. The learning for all participants comes from mutual discernment or “discovering together.” Ideally each participant would also have a copy of the text or photocopy of the reading for review and further study. Unanswered questions can be an inspiration for further learning – inviting a knowledgeable guest, independent research, and/or using the resources provided in the resource guide linked in Session 5.

Leaders will need

  • Steadfast Hope text (required for leader, optional for participants) with Steadfast Hope DVD
  • DVD player
  • White board or flip chart for notes
  • Handouts for extended learning reproduced using 1) links provided in each lesson or 2) hard copy masters provided on request from
  • Optional PowerPoint presentation of Sessions outlines for use in classroom setting: Powerpoint Presentation (or see other presentation options)

The basic format of each session is the same. Leaders facilitate discussion, project DVD video segments, and provide printed materials available for reproduction.

  • Introduction and prayer
  • Brainstorming, discussion
  • DVD video segment(s)
  • Reflection, discernment
  • Distribution of handouts for extended learning

Sessions with shorter DVD video segments or less discussion can be extended by sharing together the additional materials.

Thank you for joining in this global mission accompaniment project offered with confidence that your study, learning, and discernment will lead to blessings for you and our Holy Land partners.

-- OSHLA Task Force