BELIEVE is a ministry of the ELCA Oregon Synod that invites, nurtures, and supports new ideas and approaches to being the church in a rapidly changing world.  We find challenges in questions like these:

  • Can our church stay culturally relevant in the 21st Century while respecting tradition?
  • Can our church weather a trend of declining membership and financial shortfall?
  • Can our church relate to one another with diversity of age groups, giving all a voice while securing the future of the church?
  • Can our church reach out further than ever proclaiming the grace and work of a loving God?


Take the opportunity to become involved:

  • Engage in Conversation - Join us at the table to explore the challenges of  our time and envision ideas for the future of the church.
  • Make a Donation - Help BELIEVE raise funds to support innovative ideas that connect people with God and with each other while addressing our challenges.
  • Tell Your Story - Tell others about how you and your congregation are imagining the future of the church locally. Share with us at
  • Host a BELIEVE event - Widen your circle of conversation to other churches and neighborhood organizations. We can help!
  • Pray - Lift up your work, the work of BELIEVE, and the future of our church in prayer


There is outstanding transformational work and local efforts that are now associated with, or have received, BELIEVE team support:

  • Leaven Project - An emerging community of Lutherans, spiritual–types, social justice-types, non-profits, and neighbors that aim to be in an intentional relationship with one another, listen to each other and share our stories while building our power to organize for justice and common good. 
  • New Rivers - A discernment process St. Paul Damascus and Creator Lutheran in Clackamas are engaged in to consider ways to come together to best pool the ministries, talents, and resources of each church.
  • Third Space - A collaboration of young adults that creates an open, encouraging, creative space for people to be together in faith, voice, and action. 
  • Soul Café - An online tool that enables all of us to communicate and collaborate within an ever changing and critical time in the history of the church. It provides access and critical connection across Oregon and the Northwest.