Voting Membership

Lay Voting Members

Each congregation is allowed a certain number of voting members based on baptized membership. For congregations with 499 or fewer members, 2 lay voting members are allowed; for congregations with 500-999 members, 3 lay voting members are allowed. An organizing principle of the ELCA is the goal that lay representatives of the Synod Assembly shall be 50% male and 50% female.

Ordained clergy, regardless of roster status, may not serve as lay voting members.

Additional Voting Members

The rules for the assembly also allow for additional voting members who are either youth/young adults under 30 (YYA), persons of color or language other than English (PCL), or (for our 2017 Synod Assembly) members who self-identify as LGBTQIA, up to matching the number of lay voting members normally allowed. (For example, a congregation which is allowed 2 lay voting members may register up to 2 additional YYA members, up to 2 additional PCL members, and up to 2 additional LGBTQIA members.) A slightly discounted fee for these additional voting members as available through the registration process. This discounted rate is available only for additional voting members. Contact the synod office at or 503-413-4191 for instructions on how to register additional voting members. (Additional youth/young adult, persons of color or LGBTQIA voting members do not qualify for a discounted rate if that are part of a congregation's regular Lay Voting Members delegation. The discount only applies to these additional voting members above and beyond the first 2 or 3 lay voting members registered.)

Clergy Voting Members

All clergy who are either under call or retired, and who are on the Oregon Synod roster as of Thursday, April 28th, 2016, may be voting members of the assembly. Additionally, clergy members from full communion partner denominations who are serving an Oregon Synod congregation may also be voting members of the assembly. Clergy who are on leave from call may not serve as voting members.