Oregon Synod Resolutions

A resolution is a petition, request, or statement of concern adopted by a Synod Assembly. Any active member in good standing of an ELCA Oregon Synod congregation may submit a resolution. Generally, resolutions are crafted in concert with one’s congregation or cluster.

The deadline for submitting resolutions to the 2017 assembly is Wednesday, April 5th, 2017. Information on writing a resolution is available below. Resolutions must be received at the synod office by end of day on the deadline. They may be submitted by email to office@oregonsynod.org (Word format is preferred) or by mail to 2800 N Vancouver Ave, Suite 101, Portland, OR 97227.

To submit a resolution, provide your signature, the name and location of your congregation and/or cluster, and the signature of your pastor or congregational president (this signature is requested to certify that you are a participating member of an ELCA congregation in the Oregon Synod, ELCA). If you have more than one resolution, please sign and submit them as separate documents.

Resolutions will be posted on this page as they are submitted. All posted resolution text is pending review by the Reference and Counsel committee unless otherwise noted. Resolutions or Memorials received after the deadline, including during the Assembly itself, will not be considered by the Assembly unless the Reference and Counsel Committee or the Synod Council by 2/3 majority determine that the resolution is either 1) of overriding importance, or 2) addressing a previously accepted resolution. This practice is in accordance with our generally accepted rules for the organization of a Synod Assembly.

The next ELCA, Churchwide Assembly will be the summer of 2019. Therefore, Resolutions and Memorials to the Churchiwde Assembly will not be considered this year.